Puppies in the Pantry Book Review
Book Review

Puppies in the Pantry book review

Ben M. Baglio
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Title: Puppies in the Pantry

Author: Ben M. Baglio
Illustrator: Shelagh McNicholas

Story Rating
10.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: Monsy
age: 11

Review submitted on 07/09/2005 at 17:39:11

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Illustrations Rating
9.9 out of a possible 10.0

Monsy writes the following about Puppies in the Pantry :
Mandy is taking care of her aunt's (Mary) Jack Russell terrier (Jess). A film crew has arrived in town, and Mandy gets the chance to look after some of the animal stars. But the most important animal, Charley the Labrador, suddenly disappears. Days pass and still nothing of Charley. James suggests his dog (Blacky) to fill in for Charley until they can find him. Mandy begins to notice that Jess is acting weird and not like herself. She is also gaining some weight. Mandy and James start to look for Charley but there is still no sign of him. One morning while Mandy was putting food out for the rabbits at Animal Ark, when James arrived with his dog, Blackie, to go on a walk with Mandy and Jess. Jess greeted Blackie by barking with joy. The dogs were off and Mandy and James finally got a hold of them and started walking towards the War Memorial then the tavern and along the river. When they got to the river they stopped at the bridge and let the dogs off the leashes. But suddenly Mandy saw Jess and Blackie stock still by the river edge. Then Jess shot of like a rocket. Mandy and James followed after them afraid that something might happen to them. Mandy and James called after them but they didn?t listen. The dogs had gone so far that there was no sign of them. But then behind a boulder Mandy heard Jess?s short, sharp bark. Mandy and James ran towards Jess?s bark. Then James spotted Blackie?s tail behind the rock, Jess still barked- a high, exited kind of bark that Mandy had never heard before. They ran around the other side, and then stopped dead in their tracks. For there, lying on her side beside a big gray boulder was Charley! Her hind leg was caught in a snare. Mandy sent James to go to Animal Ark and find her dad and get him down there. When Mandy?s dad got there the let Charley free and took her back to Animal Ark. At Animal Ark Mandy?s parents fixed up Charley. The next day when Mandy got home, and her mom gave her the news that Jess was going to have puppies and that?s why she had been so fat. The next day Mandy?s dad dropped her and James off at Bleakfell Hall (were the movie was being filmed). Later on that day Mandy walked into the kitchen (at Bleakfell Hall) to look for Charley and Jess. She didn?t see them but she noticed that the pantry door was slightly ajar. ?I bet the dogs are in there?, Mandy said to herself. Mandy peeped into the pantry and heard a whine and a series of tiny squeaks. Mandy opened the door a little more and went inside. She stopped suddenly. Her mouth fell open. For there beside Jess, on Charley?s blanket, were four squirming bundles. Mandy told every one the news.
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