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Bill Peet book review

Bill Peet
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Title: Bill Peet
Subtitle: An Autobiography

Author: Bill Peet

Average number of words per page: between 10 and 25

One reader has rated this story
Average story rating: 9.5/10.0

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Book review by: Jenna
age: 12

Review submitted on 04/19/2002 at 11:02:04

Story Rating
9.5 out of a possible 10.0

Jenna writes the following about Bill Peet :
Recently, I read Bill Peet, an Auto Biography. This book is a very good book about Bill Peet.
Bill Peet was born in Grandview, Indiana. Bill loved to draw and often got in trouble for it at school. Bill, when he was older, worded for Walt Disney. When Bill was drawing Donald Duck for the 100th time that week, Bill burst out and said,? No More Ducks!!!? Will Bill still have his job???
Bill Peet was an excellent book and I rated it a 9.5 out of 10.0.Hopefully you will read this book and agree that it is a very good book.

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