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The Giver book review

Lois Lowry
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Title: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Average number of words per page: more than 100

413 readers have rated this story.
Average story rating: 7.72/10.0
413 readers have rated the illustrations.
Average illustration rating: 5.35/10.0

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Story Rating
9.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: Mary E.
age: 13

Review submitted on 04/30/2007 at 22:25:56

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Illustrations Rating
0.0 out of a possible 10.0

Mary E. writes the following about The Giver :
The Giver by Lois Lowery has all the characteristics of a futuristic book and the classic story about human nature. The novel includes ideas about what it really means to feel an emotion and the desire to have the pain and struggles of life taken away in our community.No matter how many times you read this book, whatever your age,whatever your preferences as to styles of writing are, you should heartily enjoy this classic piece of literature.
Thes author's message in The giver is that even the most perfect community has its disadvantages.For instance, when the community went into Sameness,all sense and concept of color disappeared, the word love became on over used word that had a meaning so general that it became obsolete, and the climate remained at a constant dull state. Lois Lowery gives the reader such insight into the innerworkings of the community and the emotions of the inhabitants that the reader fully comprehends the purpose and meaning of the "perfect" community. As a reader, you establish your own opinion on the sacrifices they took to have order and peace throughout the community. As flawless as the novel sounds, it does have its own minor defects. The resolution to the book leaves you with a sense of wonder as to the future of the antagonist of the book and his small companion. All in all, The Giver has many elements that aspiring novelist and the reluctant reader will enjoy.

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