Outwitting Writer?s Block Book Review
Book Review

Outwitting Writer?s Block book review

Jenna Glatzer
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Title: Outwitting Writer?s Block
Subtitle: A Guide for Writer's

Author: Jenna Glatzer

Story Rating
10.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: gotanenvoy
age: 57

Review submitted on 09/11/2003 at 02:03:24

Illustrations Rating
0.0 out of a possible 10.0

gotanenvoy writes the following about Outwitting Writer?s Block :
Review: Outwitting Writer?s Block ? and other problems of the pen
By Jenna Glatzer
Publisher: Lyons Press
Copyright 2003

Facing a blank page can be daunting for both beginning and experienced writers. It represents the need to produce a polished piece. To make a mark on the literary scene that will show its creator is anything but a fool.

Striving to obtain perfection in one masterful stroke is not an easy task. Modern airliners are things of great beauty and taken for granted by most. These goliaths of the sky take many months of around the clock work to create.

So it is with any work born to that of our creative minds. A small spark ignites an idea that builds and builds, until it is all entwining. Weaving its way forward, seemingly at times entirely on its own. Yet it is the product of its creators drive to find self-expression.

Those of us seeking to write; yet not feeling we have the courage or tenacity to see it through will derive a lot of from Outwitting Writer?s Block. The reader is shown what is needed to be pleased with what they write. Flowing through the book is a feeling of optimism, not doom and gloom, about the writing process.

Jenna Glatzer has created a well thought out book that can only inspire those who read it. It blows away a lot of the myths surrounding what a writer must be and do. She describes a writer to be a daredevil, ready to challenge the rules.

How to recognize Writer?s Block and what can be done to cure it, is covered brilliantly. There are prompts, included throughout the book, designed to exercise the mind. To get the creative juices flowing, not to be afraid to tackle any topic.

Having one?s own private quiet place to work and when to work is not for everyone. Writing is meant to be a joyful experience, not a task that must be done to a strict set of rules. This point is examined thoroughly and the reader left to discover what works for them.

I have been involved in writing now for over twenty years. During that time I have read vast amounts of literature dealing with the art of writing. No book has come close to this fresh and innovative approach to writing?s oldest dilemma.

Those people wishing to try and create a piece of writing they can be proud of. As well as those of us who consider ourselves established writers. This book will indeed fire your enthusiasm and provide the tools to excel to a higher degree, than you ever thought possible.

I would highly recommend this outstanding book to all writers.

Review by Warren Thurston ? Boggle Books : http://www.bogglebooks.com

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