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The Giver book review

Lois Lowry
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Title: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Average number of words per page: more than 100

413 readers have rated this story.
Average story rating: 7.72/10.0
413 readers have rated the illustrations.
Average illustration rating: 5.35/10.0

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Story Rating
10.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: Jack Hughes
age: 13

Review submitted on 05/03/2009 at 17:37:12

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Illustrations Rating
5.0 out of a possible 10.0

Jack Hughes writes the following about The Giver :

When we think of a Utopian society, we think that everything is good and everything is perfect. In the book The Giver, the community is played out to be a perfect society. But as the book goes on, we find out that the community is really anti-utopian. The word release is used lightly in the beginning of the book, but as it goes on, a whole new meaning of the word is developed. Nobody has individual freedoms to make choices. In fact, that was the author’s purpose for writing this book. The reason for that is because we need choices to decide what our lives will be like and to make choices we need to have past memories to help us make the right ones. It all goes hand in hand.

I think that the author described the characters the best. I think this because the characters are so well fit for this type of living. Mrs. Lowery also used the characters well throughout the story by not having one character be the center of the story and all of the other characters fall into place. It seemed that all of the characters were part of the story in one way or another.

The main character, Jonas, was a well used character throughout the story. He was set apart from the other characters because he wanted “Sameness” to end and for everything to be the way it used to be. I would definitely want him to help me construct and build a new society because he would not stop until the job was finished. It was played out in the story to be Jonas vs. the community. He was the so called “good guy” in the story.

The story was great. I enjoyed it very much and would prescribe it to young teens and mature children. There was only one flaw that I discovered in the book. The ending was not as clear as I would have expected. I was uncertain of the communities future. But other than that, the book was amazing. 4 stars to Mrs. Lowery. It was great!

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