The Borning Room Book Review
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The Borning Room book review

Paul Fleischman
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Title: The Borning Room

Author: Paul Fleischman

Average number of words per page: between 50 and 100

6 readers have rated this story.
Average story rating: 6.22/10.0
6 readers have rated the illustrations.
Average illustration rating: 4.6/10.0

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Book review by: Lydia
age: 11

Review submitted on 07/20/2001 at 09:01:07

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Story Rating
6.3 out of a possible 10.0

Lydia writes the following about The Borning Room :
This book is about a 12-year old girl named Georgina Caroline Lot. There was a borning room in their house. A borning room is where people go when they are very sick or going to have a baby. In the book they talk about the run away slaves. Geogina finds one when she was in the woods. Geogina put the slave in her hay loft in the barn. Her name was Cora. Geogina's mother was pregnant and Geogina was alone with her mother and her mother was going into labor. Cora was the only one that could help them. Then when everyone came home they were amazed at both the new faces.

In the story she has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. But she was suppose to have 4 brothers. Her mother was pregnant (again) and she usually has a midwife come and deliver her babies. This time she has a new doctor that has pain killers. She took the pain killers and she was supposed to have twins, but the pain killer kills one of the babies.

During the birth her mother dies leaving Geogina with her aunt that she doen't like. Geogina grows up and she has her own clidren and then grandchildren.

I don't recommend this book. It is really confusing. It jumps to the past then back to now and you get all mixed up.

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