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The Giver book review

Lois Lowry
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Title: The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry

Average number of words per page: more than 100

413 readers have rated this story.
Average story rating: 7.72/10.0
413 readers have rated the illustrations.
Average illustration rating: 5.35/10.0

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Story Rating
10.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: mallory
age: 13

Review submitted on 10/12/2004 at 17:27:49

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Illustrations Rating
0.0 out of a possible 10.0

mallory writes the following about The Giver :
Imagine being in a town where everyone wears the same clothes, everyone rides bicycles instead of driving cars, everones hair is the same color, and their eyes are all the same too, infact there is no individuality what so ever. In "The Giver" jonas a boy lives in a town like this.
He is eleven and that means the ceremoney of the twelve is coming soon where everyone is assighned a role (job) in the city. Jonas is terrified when he is given the assighnment of the reciver. To be the reciver you must be courageos and bold to recive all the memorys of pain and anguish. Jonas has lived in this perfect world his whole life with no color, no feelings, and no individuality, he knows nothing different than the surroundings hes grown up in. Is it time for jonas to recive the truth of the world and the whole truth. Or let the memorys of pain, sound, and laughter, leek back to the city?
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