The Outsiders Book Review
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The Outsiders book review

S. E. Hinton
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Title: The Outsiders

Author: S. E. Hinton

Average number of words per page: more than 100

758 readers have rated this story.
Average story rating: 8.55/10.0
758 readers have rated the illustrations.
Average illustration rating: 6.13/10.0

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Story Rating
7.5 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: 8103
age: 13

Review submitted on 01/24/2005 at 10:04:12

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Illustrations Rating
0.0 out of a possible 10.0

8103 writes the following about The Outsiders :
I recommend that anyone of all ages should read this book it shows you good examples of how understanding and kindness can overcome prejudice.Such as in the begining of the book a social (was the richer people) named Cherry met Ponyboy a greaser (a poorer class of people hoods) at the movies and the talked and they even walked home together and talked about how even the richer people can just sit and enjoy the sunset. So to me that shows how two different poeple can be alike and yet in another way two much differt people. At the same time they managed to have a conversation and put aside thier differences and see that they are just people not Socials or Greasers.
I rated this book a 7.5 because there were a lot of good strong points such as the climax, although there were some parts that I didn't like near as much because they were a little perdictable like some of the things like I had predicted that he Johnny would turn himself in to the police. I sure that most people could predict that part of the story but there was a couple more than that one.The part i would say the best would have to be the part were Cherry and Ponyboy are at the movies simple because it show part way how understanding and kindness can overcome prejudice. A social, a greaser, part od sheperds gang if you just give someone a chance instead of looking at their hair, clothes, color of their skin you could find out they are not a whole lot differnt than you are. More than on time in the boook did a social and a greaser talk to each other kindly and not rude and degratibly. So I guess it is true Understanding and kindness can overcome prejudice.
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