The Outsiders Book Review
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The Outsiders book review

S. E. Hinton
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Title: The Outsiders

Author: S. E. Hinton

Average number of words per page: more than 100

758 readers have rated this story.
Average story rating: 8.55/10.0
758 readers have rated the illustrations.
Average illustration rating: 6.13/10.0

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Story Rating
9.0 out of a possible 10.0
Book review by: 8112
age: 13

Review submitted on 01/24/2005 at 10:10:47

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Illustrations Rating
8.5 out of a possible 10.0

8112 writes the following about The Outsiders :
I believe that The Outsiders was a spectacular book. I think that it brought out the point that everyone needs to feel accepted, because Johnny, Steve, Dally, and Ponyboy all find it troubling and hard to feel accepted with their families. This conflict in the story remains a common feeling to some and life to others. Steve does not have much of a family, therefore he crashes at Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy's house. Pony thinks that he is not wanted by his brother, Darry, although he does not realize that he is loved, and that his families' lives would not be the same without him. Johnny's family does not care about him. He takes refuge with the gang, the only family that cares about him. Dally has no family at all. He acts out due to this problem. Through it all, he learns to love Johnny, the only family he knows, and the only family he will ever have.
I only gave the book a 9 point rating because I feel that the author could have used better terms for the Curtis brothers to call each other, rather than "honey", "darling", and "dear."
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