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Why does Building Rainbows require that I enter the "average number of words per page" in a book review?
  • We ask you this and store this information in our database because we believe it is the best way to determine if the reading level of this book may be appropriate for a potential readers skill level. Since there are no uniform rating systems for reading skill level, we believe this is the best method to help filter book titles for readers of specific skill levels. Please keep in mind this will only allow filtering for reading skill levels and not for the emotional maturity level of the content.
Something doesn't seem to be working; how can I get it fixed?
  • You should report any bugs or strange behavior here.
I have a great idea for the Building Rainbows site; how can I get it implemented?
  • Please share all your great ideas in the wish list forum.
Do you have any advice on how to write a good book review?
  • You can read our ideas on this here.
  • Also, you can discuss this topic with others here.

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