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A good review SHOULD include:
  • A description of the content of the book and how it compares to similar books.
  • A detailed account of your thoughts going into your ratings. (for example: I only gave the story a 3.5 rating because ... )
  • Suggestions on what you might have done to improve the book:
    • alternate endings
    • authoring from a different character perspective

A good review SHOULD NOT include:
  • spoilers: any story information or details that might detract from a readers enjoyment of the book.
  • profanity and/or derogatory comments; only constructive criticism please.
  • simple opinions: we would like to know WHY you liked or disliked the book.

A good review MAY include:
  • comments on the illustrations when available:
    • what form were the illustations (example: drawings, watercolors, etc.)
    • did you enjoy the illustrations and why?
    • were the illustrations appropriate and why?
    • did the illustrations add to, or detract from, your overall enjoyment of the book?
You may read others views and add your own on what makes a good book review here:

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