Lesson: Night Creatures



Expose the students to differences between diurnal and nocturnal creatures.



Read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen aloud to the class.


Discuss the differences between diurnal and nocturnal creatures. Discuss the senses the people used while hunting owls. Discuss possible senses animals use at night.

Now ask the students to chose an animal that they think is nocturnal. They are going to draw it, and write about it. They can use encyclopedias or other reference books to find information about their animal. Another good reference book is "Animals of the Night" by Lionel Bender. All their work can be put together to create a classroom "Night Creatures Handbook".

Conclusion :

When each group is finished, let them share their part with the class. After the groups have shared their work, the work can be collected and bound in a class book.

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