What is Building Rainbows?

This website contains our developing computer science curriculum using Apple’s Swift programming language.

In these pages, you will find lessons, sample problems, videos, programming examples, Swift Playground Books and our thoughts on computer science.

Why Computer Science for students?

Computer science is more than just programming.  When a student studies computer science they learn problem solving skills, computational thinking, algorithm development, number systems, abstraction, idea mapping, data representation, structured thinking, and iterative refinement of ideas, skill sets and solutions.

Why Swift?

While our curriculum will engage students in all facets of computer science, we will also be learning to program a computer.  The programming language we are using is Swift.  Swift originated at Apple, and has since been made open source.  Swift is an extremely powerful programming language, but it is easy enough to use for a beginner.  The language was designed to progressively disclose complexity as the student’s skill grows.  Swift is the programming language of choice for developing iOS applications for the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch, making it inspiring for students of all ages.  Swift is a fast, powerful, safe, modern and elegant programming language with a burgeoning set of learning tools that make learning engaging and enjoyable..


Our curriculum staff has years of industry experience developing software used by the public and years of experience teaching thousands of young people the concepts and skills of computer science.

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