Links to our Swift Computer Science lessons using Swift Playgrounds:


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    All links to our Swift Computer Science lessons using Swift Playgrounds:

    Some of our more formal lessons we will be putting into Swift Playground Book format.  You can subscribe to our Swift Playground Book feed at:  Building Rainbows Swift Playgrounds Books

    More to come … right now we are focusing our efforts on the Swift Learn To Code video content.

    Not computer science related, but our popular thematic unit on weather created for grades 1-4, once served from, is now available here:

    The Weather Unit

    The Weather Unit was one of the first examples of any curriculum made available on the World Wide Web. Developed in 1994, this unit consists of 19 lessons related to weather spanning 11 different subject areas: reading, math, social studies, physical education, science, etc. Check out the paper describing The Weather Unit at:

    Chapman, D. A., D. E. Novak, W. L. Chapman, 1995:  A Collaborative Interdisciplinary Unit on Weather for Elementary Educators on the Internet.Preprints, Joint Conference on Education and Interactive Information Processing, Am. Meteor. Soc., Dallas, TX, 79-82.