Use in the curriculum

As a starting point for a discussion on representing information

Discussion prompts:

What information is being shown in this video?
airplanes location, speed, direction during a 24-hour period
Are there any rhythms to the traffic?
(note traffic leaving the U.S., heading east, for Europe in the morning,
traffic leaving Europe for the U.S., heading west in the European morning)

Does there seem to be a preferred direction airplanes land and take off from an airport?
airplanes take off into the wind and land into the wind. The wind direction limits what runway is used
and what direction the planes land and take off on those runways.

Some traffic makes an oval pattern. Why do you think this is?
The airplanes sometimes have to wait their turn before landing in a runway. Since they cannot stop
or pause in the air, they do a loop near the airport.

How are colors used to represent the information presented?
Can you think of another way to represent this information?