Use in the curriculum

As an introduction to images, or in a discussion of 2-d arrays.

As of a few years ago, this was the largest image ever created by humans.  The Hubble Space Telescope captured this image that is 16,778 wide by 32,567 pixels high.  You can download it from the internet.  It takes up 16Gb of your hard disk!

Discussion prompts:

The Hubble Space Telescope is an incredible feat of human technology.  What are your favorite human inventions that involve technology?
We put a large telescope into space orbiting around us with the sole purpose of finding out what’s out there in space and how we came to be here.  
How has your life been changed by technology in the last five years?  Ten years?  50 years?  150 years?

How does this image make you feel?
Be prepared for some pretty heavy philosophical and existential discussions with students (and with yourself) with this prompt.
How are colors represented in an image like this?  Can you think of a way to represent a pixel?  An image?