Use in the curriculum

As a starting point for a discussion on robotics

Discussion prompts:

What is going on in this video?
one robot is helping another get through the door
Do both robots have the same capabilities?
No. Both robots appear to be able to see and understand that they want to get through a doorway.
Only one robot has the capability to open the door. It has a ‘hand’.
Would you consider the robots working as a team? Are there any other applications where it would be helpful to have robots working as a team?

Why are the human robot developers pushing and teasing robots in this video?
airplanes take off into the wind and land into the wind. The wind direction limits what runway is used
and what direction the planes land and take off on those runways.

What conditions are the humans testing when they abuse the robots
Stability on different surfaces, rocks, ice, snow. Ability to adapt to different forces or environments.
What kinds of things would you test with these robots?
Can you think of some ways robots could help humans?